About Distributed Systems Technology

About Distributed Systems Technology

Distributed Systems Technology was founded in 1989 to provide cutting-edge computing technology services to private- and public-sector clients.

Our staff include both technologists and advertising/marketing experts, typically with 20 years of experience in their field. Our special technical strengths include networking and internetworking, distributed computing, real-time computing, and knowledge-based systems. Our computer technologists have been active on the Internet/ARPANET since the 1970's.

Early in the life of the Web, DST-produced web pages were honored by being selected for inclusion in such venues as:

CoolSite.com's Big Eye list of cool sites

GNN's Whole Internet Catalog

The All-Internet Shopping Directory's Top Shopping Site Award

bx.com's Top Internet Shopping Site Excellence Award

The Featured Web Sites list in Australia's Herald Sun

Clearinghouse Librarian's seal of approval.

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